Sara Fabel

Where can you find her work?


Where is she located? Does she travel?

Sara Fabel is based out of Los Angeles, USA. However, she does travel and do guest spots.

What is her style?

Sara specializes in Linework, Dotwork, and Geometric designs with hints of Blackwork. She also has a unique style of realism that she incorporates into her work that really brings it to life. Her work is primarily black and grey.

An outstanding tattoo and an example of her creatively and design perfection.

Clients idea was dagger, flowers and band around the arm, after consultation via email this was my interpretation of the concept he had. -Sara Fabel

What makes her stand out?

The reason why Sara Fabel stands out, to me, is her artist ability to create unique tattoos – that even by themselves are amazing art pieces. Not only does she create and provide designs from her own inspirations, she makes outstanding custom tattoos for clients. What tops all of this off is that the tattoo compositions are truly unique and flow with the body.

An example of her Linework tattoos and her unique style of adding a realism element.

Why would I want a tattoo from her?

  • Custom and Artistic designs
  • Peace of mind giving her artistic freedom with a few ideas
  • Flowers
  • Skulls
  • Animals
  • Linework
  • Dotwork
  • Geometric
You can really see her artist ability in this concept design she created!

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