Nikko Hurtado

Where can you find his work?


Where is he located? Does he travel?

Nikko works out of the Black Anchor Collective in Hesperia, CA and also Black Anchor Gallery in Hollywood, CA. He also travels and his travel dates can be found here.

What is his style?

Nikko is a master of photo realism tattoos, specializing in portraits but not limited to them. He can do both color and black & grey tattoos equally as good.

Photo realism at its best!

What makes him stand out?

Nikko’s ability to consistently create world class tattoo is enough to make him stand out; however, his ability in copying images to skin flawlessly speaks volumes. But, this isn’t the only reason why he stands out to me. Not only can he do perfect portraits, he can incorporate them into artistic compositions as well. I’ve posted an example of this at the bottom of this page for you to check out!

This tattoo is a completely healed and it still looks amazing, which really shows a true master at the craft.

Why would I want a tattoo from him?

  • Portraits
  • Photo realism
  • Artistic designs and compositions
  • Master at what he does


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