Michael Cloutier

Where can you find his work?


Where is he located? Does he travel?

Michael is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He travels to conventions and locations around the world. You can find where Michael will be next by following his Instagram page.

What is his style?

Michael’s primary style is black and grey realism , usually with the colors red or teal incorporated into the design. His realism style is almost as if Neo-Traditional turned realism – giving his tattoos a very unique look to them. He primary does black, grey, and red work; however, he will sometimes use teal or occasionally another color instead of red.

What makes him stand out?

Michael stands out because his realism style and the way he incorporates color into this tattoos. His realism is like a blend between realism and Neo-Traditional which creates a great contrast in depth and readability. I find his tattoos will usually have a realism foreground and a mix of Neo-Traditional/Realism in the background.

The way Michael uses color in his black and grey work is also distinctive. It’s distinctive because instead of coloring certain objects with the color he’ll either use it as the light source or as a paint brush stroke that goes through the design. The color light source really brings a different dimension to the tattoo. While the paint brush stroke is transparent and blends into the black and grey seamlessly.

Why would I want a tattoo from him?

  • Black and grey
  • Black, Grey, and Red (or Teal) tattoo
  • Realism
  • Realism with dashes of Neo-Traditional
  • Flowing and connected designs
  • Custom tattoo design concepta
  • Photo manipulation designs
  • Flowers
  • Portraits
  • Clocks





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