Where can you find his work?


Where is he located? Does he travel?

Gromov is located in Russia. He travels to conventions and locations around the world. You can find where Gromov will be next by following his Instagram page.

What is his style?

Gromov’s style is black and grey ,abstract lettering with dashes of dark/trash/line-work. His style very detailed oriented and has a graphical-line-work nature to them. The style is distinct and when looking at it closely you can see signature designs that he incorporates into his pieces. Gromov can do many different, artistic lettering styles, however he gravitates to dark/trash lettering that flows with the body.

This back piece shows how Gromov lettering and graphic design can create huge fluid pieces that form perfectly to the body.

What makes him stand out?

Gromov stands out because his tattoos form graphical designs that contour and flow with the body. His tattoos have a dark/trash flair to them that really make them distinct and stand out from conventionalĀ  lettering tattoos. Not only this, he designs each tattoo for the client and is able to free hand designs onto clients to perfectly fit the body.

Showing his skills with creating lettering tattoos that are artistic pieces of work that also form to the body.

Why would I want a tattoo from him?

  • Lettering
  • Dark/Trash Lettering
  • Abstract graphical designs
  • Flowing body designs
  • Custom designs
  • Dark bold tattoos


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