Anrijs Straume

Where can you find his work?


Where is he located? Does he travel?

Anrijs is located in Liverpool, United Kingdom. He does travel a few times a year, mainly to conventions, so be sure to follow him to find out where he will be next.

What is his style?

Anrijsā€™s style is Dark Trash Realism. He specializes in creating portraits heavily incorporating this style – which includes trashing the face, adding eyes, manipulating the face, or adding lettering (to name a few). Which leads me to add, Anrijs also specializes in lettering. The lettering he does is very unique and is very artistic. In fact, he has a book you can buy that focuses on different styles of lettering (check it out here). And finally, he is not limited to just portraits, he can do animals, flowers, characters, and other objects in his dark style.

Check out how Anrijs is able to replace the eyes with lettering to create a portrait that stands out form the rest.

What makes him stand out?

Anrijs stands out from the crowd because of his ability to create outstanding portraits that have such readable dark features added to them. The Dark Trash style he adds to them makes them look like no other portrait out there. He can replace the eyes with lettering that flows to the face, add an extra eyes, create horns (to name a few); and of course his signature moon usually makes it into his tattoos.

The perfect example of his work.

Finally, Anrijs does really great, artistic lettering. His lettering can be extreme, but flows really nice to the body and makes a great tattoo on its own.

Saint/Sinner tattoo to showcase how artistic his lettering is on their own.

Why would I want a tattoo from him?

  • Portraits that are truly unique
  • Amazing designs and art compositions
  • Dark Trash Realism
  • Realism
  • Dark
  • Horror
  • Black and Grey
  • Dark Abstraction
  • Lettering
  • Characters
  • Portraits
This back piece speaks for it self. It incorporates all of his styles into one fluid design. Did I mention he also did the arms?

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